AMIGHINI has served the architecture market for more than 45 years with the best hand made quality you ever seen. Custom Made & Reproductions is our goal... For nearly half a century, AMIGHINI has been managed by generations of the Amighini family exploring the juxtaposition of modern design with traditional architectural elements.

The story begins when David Riccardo, born in a small town in Italy opened a shop to display antique cars in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He called his shop "El Trebol" and soon after opening fine pieces of architectural elements salvaged from homes, palaces, churches, and buildings that were scheduled for demolition were added to the store.
As the business developed, David needed additional space to hold the many architectural treasures. This was the beginning of the "Trebol Warehouse". David's three children, Alfredo Maria, Aquilles, Abelardo, and Antonio Julio joined the family business to help David.
The family business evolved and went in a different direction. El Trebol became a lime company.
The second generation of the Amighini family joined the business and began working on governmental renovation projects in the heart of Buenos Aires. People began requesting special architectural elements for their private residences and the business developed and once again flourished.
The third generation of the Amighini family placed their mark on the business by further growing it and remembering the original goals. Raul, Ricardo, Fredy, and Nito each brought unique and creative gifts to the business.
Antonio David, son of Antonio Julio found that his interests were like his grandfather and focused on seeking great architectural pieces. He dedicated himself to re-establishing the wonderful reputation of the Amighini family. The company rapidly grew and became prestigious once again.
Enzo, a cousin of Antonio Amighini opened the shop in Verona, Italy so he could continue in the Amighini Architectural tradition. Thus, a new era of the company began.
Casa Amighini (Argentina) and Amighini Demolizioni (Italy) collected many pieces from palaces, parks, hotels, and other great buildings. They were making a mark in the world of antiques and architecture.
The fourth generation of the Amighini family began working in the family business. Adrian, a trained engineer with his brother Cristian, a progressive and enthusiastic architect combined their training, professionalism, and knowledge and further enhanced what Amighini Architectural could offer to the market.
The Amighini family begins their first attempt to enter the American market. Auction houses in Denver, Chicago, and New York began to eagerly await shipments from the Amighini warehouses.
Antonio Amighini and is oldest son, adrian traveled to the U.S. In search of new markets. Their pursuit led them to a very promising new market in denver, colorado. The auction houses there quickly were delighted to introduce such wonderful architectural elements from both italy and argentina and americans seemed to enjoy adding this antique european flavor to their home designs.
Sebastian, the youngest son of Antonio David and member of the fourth generation joined the business. His training as an architect and desire to grow in the United States was perfect and the start of a new beginning. His vision was going to take the company into the next phase of growth.
The company continues to see a high demand for unique European architectural pieces in the United States. Amighini Architectural opens a US location on the East Coast in New Jersey. The company is now selling world wide and operating in three countries.
Amighini decides to expand once more. Many of the company's clients are requesting products for projects on the West Coast. The Amighini family opens a 22K square foot warehouse in Anaheim, CA in order to better serve our clients and growing demand.
The business continues to serve members of the design community and individuals that appreciate the quality of our large collection of architectural pieces. In June, the first retail location opens in Corona del Mar, CA. This boutique is along the Pacific Coast Highway and showcases a collection of our current favorite antique doors and iron, Deco Vintage furniture, and Premium line of custom doors.
AMIGHINI, "Home Decor & Architecturals" opens a new location in 2880 Sims Road, San Diego CA 92106 with a showroom of 2600 sq. ft.


Salvage antiques and architectural salvage take pride in giving a second life to reclaimed materials, such as iron and wood. We do this to bring elegance to your home. Our specialists scour the Earth to find the perfect piece of salvage, the one that can take your home to the next tier of elegance. After this perfect piece is found, it is handed over to talented craftsmen who leave no detail untouched, no segment unrefined. The end result is a beautiful product, such as a wrought iron doors, refurbished to perfection.


Antique doors are stimulating to the senses, adding a sense of beauty and elegance to the home. Made from salvaged material, antique doors are composed of things that sat on the doorsteps of history. Depending on your individual tastes, antique doors come in varieties, such as wrought iron or stained glass. They can add Gothic flair and Victorian style to your residence, making the whole house sparkle with elegance.


An antique door is a magnificent addition to any home. But, it's not complete without the antique door hardware to complement it. By adding things like antique hinges and antique door latches you will make your doorways truly unique, and brimming with beauty.


Antique glass is truly a work of art. With intricate patterns and exceptional detail, leaded glass panels and windows can add exquisiteness to your doors and windows. These pieces are great for things like entry ways and interior doors, but can also be added anywhere you like, including master bathrooms. Among the most stunning salvage antique pieces available on the market today, these rare architectural pieces make your doors exceptionally appealing, while still providing you with the privacy you deserve.


Wrought iron is very versatile: it can be used for iron doors or iron railings. It is also very practical, as it is strong and dependable; it’s not likely to need replacing for decades. It is an ideal addition for a backyard terrace or garden gate. Created by the hands of the most skilled craftsmen, wrought iron can’t help but add elegance to any place in your home. These products can give your home the feel of Victorian architecture or the appearance of a Tudor home, all while maintaining your individual taste and style.


The unique antique salvage pieces offered at Amighini Architectural are vast and varied: they are the hidden gems and elusive finds of our world. They include antique lamps, antique tiles, or Victorian antique fireplaces. All unique antique salvage pieces are designed to add to the uniqueness of your home, to give your house flair and visual appeal. From antique lighting to encaustic floor tiles, there is a special piece of antiquity for every room and every part of your residence.


At Amighini, you can find a range of antique window frames and architectural windows. These are perfect for use in a period home. No matter the style you are hoping to obtain - Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman or any other historic style - we have unique and rare salvage windows sure to be a perfect fit. Our windows give your home a look of true authenticity and beauty.